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ActionStep uses intuitive automation to combine all the functionality midsize law firms need to grow their business, manage their clients, product excellent legal work, get paid for their work, and understand their business in one platform.

Please read the information below and let us know if you have any questions.  

For more info, please call or email Sam Jones on 029 200 4554 or sam.jones@itsimpy.co.nz

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ActionStep User Group, hosted by IT Simply

The IT Simply team are experts in looking after law firms IT requirements and offering the popular management dashboarding tool, Practice Intelligence to leading law firms around New Zealand.

Our team have been hosting user groups for ActionStep for a law firm group, and have now been asked to host open groups for all firms who would like to join.

This group's sole purpose is to support firms to use ActionStep to its fullest capabilities and learn from others in the industry. If you would like to be a member of the ActionStep user group, please register below.

Register here for your user group

How to interact with your group - Communication is key

Once you have registered for your user group, you will be added to an open Tech Chat Yammer group where you can ask questions about products in general for the legal industry. You will then be added to the LEAP chat group as well. This is in addition to the regular hosted meetings.

This service is complimentary.
Please contact us with any questions.
Please keep these groups positive and supportive.

Review the outline of the user group sessions format and fill out the form below...

Please review the outline and format of the user group sessions.

The IT Simply team has been successfully hosting practice management user groups for the NZ Law group. Due to the increasing number of firms changing their practice management, we have been asked to connect with a wider audience and invite all firms who would like to participate in these industry wide user groups.

What is the purpose of the user groups?

The individual user groups provide a platform for firms to discuss desired features, learn from each other, gain a better understanding of ActionStep, and enjoy mutual assistance. The sessions will be conducted on Microsoft Teams, and unless otherwise notified, no one from ActionStep will not be present. However, they will occasionally join the meetings to announce upgrades, enhancements, and other news.

Who can join the user groups?

You can join the user groups if you are already using or have signed up for ActionStep. 

What will be the format of the user group sessions?

The format will be an open platform facilitated and hosted by the IT Simply team. The goal is to maintain a positive and collaborative atmosphere, ensuring that the sessions are helpful and allow firms to fully utilize the capabilities of their practice management platform. Group members will be encouraged to suggest topics they would like to discuss, making the sessions informative and educational. These sessions will be limited to one hour.

What tools will be utilized?

The meetings will take place on Microsoft Teams, requiring a microphone and speaker or headset if you wish to contribute through your computer. Alternatively, you can join via your phone. To stay in touch with the user group between meetings, you have the option to subscribe to your user group's Yammer chat group, which requires a Microsoft license.

When will the user group meetings be scheduled?

The meetings will be held on the second Thursday of each month in the afternoon, based on current feedback.

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