Business Reporting

Access up to date, always available business reports that make sense and are easy to read with our Business Intelligence (often referred to as "BI") service.

Why is Business Intelligence becoming more popular?

Current and relevant data is an essential asset for any business and traditionally the only reports available have out of date data often in a difficult to read format.... not to mention the reports are hard to share and only include data from one system. With the use of tools like Microsoft's Power BI, the team here at IT Simply can set up relevant reports with readable dashboards that can show the data relevant to the person reading them. This means that you could have an Individual dashboard, Manager’s dashboard, Board dashboard and Shareholders dashboard all using the same data but shown in different ways. You can also have alerts to advise you of spikes in sales, operations or other relevant activities in a timely manner. This reporting really does take the complexity out of understanding your numbers.

We find many businesses have all of the information they need but it is in multiple systems, spreadsheets and outside sources. Our team are able to bring information from all of these sources and set up dashboards and reporting that reveals trends, comparisons, performance, budget vs performance and more. With each client, our team wants to know what is important to them individually and from this, create a powerful reporting platform.


Power BI Experts

The IT Simply BI team are experts at getting hidden data out of multiple platforms and into one easy to read and understand reporting platform. Ask our Power BI team about how you can get the most out of your data.

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Practice Intelligence

Practice Intelligence is a comprehensive reporting dashboard designed for Law Firms who want to understand how their business and individuals are tracking on a daily basis. Our team can access data from multiple locations and bring the useful information to one easy to read dashboard.
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Board Reporting

Preparing board reports can be time consuming and painful, and often only shows a snapshot of what is happening. Imagine being able to drill down into a report to see the cause as well as the outcome. Ask us about our dynamic new Board reporting solution.
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Health & Safety Reporting

Health and safety reporting is crucial to understanding what is happening, where it is happening and why it is happening in your business. A great advantage to having a drill down, real time reporting platform is being able to relate it to previous events by date, location, person and department when needed. Our team can created a bespoke, comprehensive, real time dashboard that makes understanding your health and safety data easy.
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Management Reporting

Having one source of truth is the key to being able to understand what is happening in any business. Our team are able to create management reports that collect information from multiple sources in real time, that show what is happening now, rather than once a month. This information can include financial information, health and safety stats, team and individual performance, comparisons to previous time periods, project tracking and results, and other data that is critical to business success.
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Customised Insights

What do you need to know and understand? Are you sick of board meeting reports that don't tell the real story? What information would you like in one place? Talk to our team about what reporting you would like to see, and the platforms that you are currently using, and they will guide you through the possibilities.
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What can you Report on?

What can you use business reporting for?

  • Day to day running of your business
  • Division, department and branch reporting and comparisons
  • Real time observations of KPI's, budgets and other business goals
  • Board dashboards that can include business performance, health and safety data, trends and other information
  • Tracking projects and progress
  • Trend comparison of business performance by month and year
  • Gathering data from multiple platforms and reporting on it in real time
  • Multi level reporting based on the individuals role and access
  • Sharing important data and trends to multiple people in multiple locations and business units.
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Bring details to life

For the analyst at heart, Power BI Desktop provides a free-form
canvas for drag-and-drop data exploration as well as an
extension library of interactive visualizations, simple report
creation, and fast publishing to the Power BI service.

Evidence based decisions

Data should empower, not overwhelm. With Power BI, you can easily interact with your data, using simple drag-and-drop gestures to discover trends and natural language queries to get lightning-fast answers.

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Share a world of insight

Always be in the know with the Power BI app for windows, iOS and Android. Alerts will inform you about any changes in your data so you can work with your team to take immediate action.

Grant Hartley-Brown


Technical Director

Grant Hartley-Brown

Grant’s passion is bringing real time data to life in an understandable, visual and readable way. It is not always what you want to know, it is why you want to know it and what you want to do with it that counts. Grant enjoys exploring what information is available, how it relates to other business metrics and the best way to present that information for best effect. To understand how business intelligence will work for you, please contact us today.

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