Managed IT Services

Getting your IT solution right is what we do. Implementing platforms and solutions that help your business run more efficiently, effectively and profitably is paramount, so we take this very seriously.

The team at IT Simply live on the front line to make sure that they understand what is available, how it works, how to keep it secure and how to keep your team always working. We do this so you do not have to.

Our managed IT service is charged per staff member per month and covers all aspects of their IT support requirements.


All of your ongoing IT Services for a fixed monthly fee


Planning Your Hardware Needs

As part of our proactive approach to managing your IT we provide you with an asset replacement plan. We determine this plan with you so that it takes in to account the specific requirements of your business. This approach ensures that there are no surprises and smooths out the hardware replacement costs, helping your cashflow and keeping your team productive.
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Managing Licences & Devices

For efficiency and effectiveness, our team manage and monitor all licences, services and devices remotely. Operating this way means that if there is an issue, our team can investigate and plan a resolution. This also means that if a new team member starts, we can have them set up on their new device quickly, with the right tools without having to see the device.... If someone leaves, our team can remove their access from all systems instantly.
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Cloud Hosting

With most of the business world seeing the advantages of cloud hosting, it is important to understand what the advantages and disadvantages are. Cloud hosting may not be appropriate for every system in your busines and considerations need to be made around access, where the data is stored, the risks and what sort of scaling is needed. Our team have the expertise to guide you to the best solutions for your business now, and in the future.
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Cyber Security

Whether you have opted to set up your business in the cloud or on a local environment, cyber security is something that always has to be taken seriously. Our team are constantly looking at new developments in this area and are committed to making sure your data and information is kept as secure as possible. Of course, all internet and computer users should be aware that there is always a risk of a successful cyber attack even if there is ample security measures in place, this is why regular backups and data recovery processes are so important.
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Backup & Data Recovery

As with cyber security, backing up your data is just as important as being able to recover it and get working again as soon as possible. Backing up data can be done locally although we strongly recommend backing up to the cloud where ever possible. In the case of system failure or loss of data, there needs to be a plan of how the backed up data is restored onto a new host server quickly and safely so your team are able to get back to work. There are a lot of things to consider here and our team will be able to guide you through the decision making process.
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Technology Audits & Consultancy

If you would like to review your technology platform and applications, or you are unsure about what your next technology step should be, please contact our team. We have a dedicated team of friendly and knowledgeable engineers ready to work with you to establish your ultimate technology tool kit.
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Services designed for the modern workplace

Complete Managed Service:
Bundled per staff member per month

IT systems can be complex and that's where our expertise comes in.  IT Services on the other hand should be simple to understand which is why we designed our Complete Managed Service.  A simple per staff-member monthly service which includes all the tools and services most businesses expect from their IT Service Provider.

For each staff member we provide:

  • Their Microsoft 365 subscription
  • Cloud Backup for your Microsoft 365 Services
  • Cyber Security for cloud and devices
  • Managed email signature for centralised brand management
  • Labour to setup and maintain each staff member
  • Support through our Service Desk and Field Engineers
  • IT planning and roadmap
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Improve your business with IT Simply

Help our team understand what you need, so we can provide you with the right tools to run your business effectively