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Malware targeting business customers of New Zealand banks

A phishing campaign containing malware is specifically targeting business customers of some New Zealand banks. The phishing emails are branded to look like invoice notifications from common accounting software. Once a user clicks on the attachments or links in the email, malware is downloaded onto the user’s machine. CERT NZ understands that banks have been…

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108 cyber crime attacks per day in NZ

Do you know how to keep safe online? Ever wondered whether or not you should click on that link?  If you are not sure then you really shouldn’t, you’re much better to be safe then sorry online.  Unfortunately, cyber criminals are getting more sophisticated with the tactics they are using making it easier for you…

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Major flaw threatens most wi-fi networks, warns cyber watchdog

Are you affected?  The most likely answer to this question is – yes you are!  Unless all the devices (laptops, smart phones, tablets etc) on your Wi-Fi network have had an update applied then yes, you are likely vulnerable as a result of this flaw.  For Windows devices, Microsoft have released a patch and we…

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